Nomad’s interactive DesignLab website previews Apple Watch straps with different makes and models

Nomad, one of our favorite Apple Watch strap and iPhone case manufacturers, on Tuesday launched DesignLab, a dedicated online tool for visualizing how it’s products look on your Apple Watch.

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When you venture over to DesignLab, you’ll find that the user experience is particularly reminiscent of Apple’s own Apple Watch customization website, except that it showcases Nomad’s offerings instead.

The site is fully interactive, allowing users to pair any make or model of Apple Watch with any of Nomad’s own Apple Watch straps, whether they’re metal, rubber, cheap, or expensive.

Nomad’s new DesignLab website interface.

The website includes a way to see products such as:

  • Sport band
  • Sport slim band
  • Rugged band
  • Titanium band
  • Aluminum band
  • Steel band
  • Modern band
  • Shell Cordovan band
  • Active Band Pro

The obvious use case for Nomad’s new tool is to be able to see what it’s products would look like with your unique setup. This way, if you’re on the fence about ordering something because you aren’t sure how it would look, DesignLab can give you an instant glimpse without depending on promo images that might not match your unique Apple Watch color and model.

Even if you’re not using it to look at your Apple Watch, you can use it to figure out which Apple Watch might look best with Nomad’s offerings, which may be useful if you’re planning to buy a Nomad strap and upgrade to a new Apple Watch in the near future.

Nomad says that the reason for launching DesignLab is to make decision-making easier for its users. The tool has been in the works for quite some time, and Tuesday’s official launch of the online utility brings that vision to life.

Do you plan to use DesignLab or select your next Apple Watch strap from Nomad? Let us know in the comments section down below.