Bundle up: save up to $45 on these 3 MagSafe-friendly accessories

Everybody loves a good accessory bundle, right? The more products you buy, the more you save. Well Amazon has a great accessory bundle deal going on right now, which knocks up to $45 off when you buy three MagSafe-friendly accessories: a wireless power bank, a wireless 2-in-1 charging stand, and a wireless car charger.

Deal details: adding the two ESR products to your cart on Amazon should automatically invoke the ESR 8% bundle discount, which will stack on top of the already discounted prices. The combined discount, if you get all 3 products, is $45 off. Good for today only.

OtterBox Wireless Power Bank

This one shouldn’t need too much of an explanation. This is a wireless battery pack, about the size of a deck of cards, that can attach to your MagSafe-equipped iPhone, and charge it, via the built-in magnet. The battery is only 3k mAh, so not as much juice as other 5k packs, but it will still give your phone a boost in a pinch.

See at Amazon for $24

ESR HaloLock 2-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand

ESR has quickly become one of the most prominent accessory brands on Amazon, with an enormous product line and generally good reviews. This is their 2-in-1 wireless charging stand, which features a magnetic wireless charging puck on a stand, and a standard wireless charging pad built into the base. It also includes ESR’s ‘CryoBoost’ tech, which is essentially a fan built into the magnetic charging puck to keep your device from overheating, and supposedly this allows for faster charging speeds. Finally, it’s worth noting that unlike most charging stands, this one comes with both the cable and power adapter.

See at Amazon for $60

ESR HaloLock Wireless Car Charger

Here is another ESR wireless magnetic charger—this time for your car. It uses a three-pronged, clamp design to attach to your vehicle’s vents, and then of course your MagSafe iPhone just attaches to it via the magnet. It, too, includes the aforementioned CryoBoost fan tech, but unlike the Stand, it doesn’t come with the power adapter. It’s worth noting that without the adapter, this still works as a great wireless car mount.

See at Amazon for $38