Vlogoscope, Greg 2.0, finish’d, and other apps to check out this weekend

Welcome back for a new episode of our Apps of the Week roundup, where we take a look at our favorite apps we’ve discovered recently. This week we have a fun video app for creators, an AI plant identifier, and an app that will actually help you get things done. And as always, we’ve picked a fun new game for you to check out.


Here is a neat and unique idea. Vlogoscope is an app that lets you record videos with a split-screen for Google Maps. I know this won’t be groundbreaking for a lot of folks, but for the creatives out there that want to record videos and tell stories about their favorite spots and sights, this seems like a fun way to do that.

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Plant Identifier & Care – Greg

We wrote about this app last year, although at the time it was just called Greg. I’m usually against including previously included apps on here, even for major updates, but Greg has a new feature that essentially makes it a completely different app: PlatVision. It’s an AI tech that will allow you to scan any plant, and it will identify the species, tell you all about it, measure the pot, and even the distance to the nearest window. Wow, my thumb’s turning green just thinking about it.

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At first glance of the name and icon, you’d think this was just another Todo list app, but you’d be wrong. Finish’d is about getting other people to take care of your todos. So it’s not todo for you, it’s todo for them. Anyway, the app links you up with a wide variety of local and worldwide service providers who specialize in whatever it is you need done. Taxes? Yardwork? Wait in line for something? There are over 6,000 categories to choose from, and you can join as a service provider as well.

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Vampire Survivors

And finally, if you just want to kick back, relax, and kill some zombies this weekend, check out Vampire Survivors. It’s a roguelite time survival RPG game in which you must test your mettle against the legions of hell. Select your favorite character, upgrade your skills and weapons, and stand against hordes of enemies. Don’t let the screenshots fool you—whatever this game lacks in eye candy, it more than makes up for in gameplay and features.

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