Aerial photography iPhone wallpapers

There’s really nothing that beats nature’s own beauty. One of the best ways to capture different landscapes is aerial photography. This bird’s eye view provides a perspective we can only witness riding 30,000 feet above the ground. These incredibly varied landscapes make for incredible aerial photography iPhone wallpapers.

Aerial photography wallpaper

New to the iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week gallery, photographer Martin Sanchez is featured in today’s collection. You can keep up with his drone photography via @ZEKEDRONE or his unsplash gallery. His aerial photographs caught my eye when they were featured by the @unsplash twitter account. Unsplash is a mostly-free-to-use online gallery for photographers.

All of the following downloads are from ZEKEDRONE’s unsplash gallery, and then I cropped them for an iPhone canvas ratio.

Hands down, my two favorite images (hard to choose just one) are the lava flow and floating ice chunks. I have to assume I like both of them because they contrast each other both in color and in subject matter. The dark background of the cooled lava rock against the incredibly bright orange simply pops on an iPhone OLED screen.

Similarly, the icy cold white floating ice chunks contrast against the near black water beneath. Regardless, any of the following wallpapers will make incredible Home or Lock Screen background images for your iPhone.

Lush river bank aerial iPhone wallpaper Download
Sandy banks aerial iPhone wallpaper Download

Aerial photograph river wallpaper for iPhone Download
Floating ice chunks iPhone wallpaper Download

Aerial desert dunes iPhone wallpaper Download
Lava flow aerial iPhone wallpaper Download

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