The Oceanic+ app which turns your Apple Watch Ultra into a dive computer is now available

Download the Oceanic+ app to turn your Apple Watch Ultra into a dive computer that logs your dives and measures depth, time and other stats.

A scuba diver underwater using a flashlight and wearing Apple Watch Ultra with the Oceanic+ app providing dive computer functions
Oceanic+ requires watchOS 9.1 | Image: Apple
  • What’s happening? Apple on November 28, announced the Oceanic+ app for Apple Watch Ultra and iPhone is now available to download.
  • Why care? This is the app Apple showed at the Apple Watch Ultra unveiling. It uses the new sensors to provide the functions of an advanced dive computer.
  • What to do? Download Oceanic+ for iPhone and Apple Watch Ultra.

Oceanic+ turns Apple Watch Ultra into a dive computer

The software provides many functions that used to require a bulky, advanced dive computer but are now available right on your Apple Watch Ultra. Used together with the companion iPhone app, Oceanic+ provides robust dive planning and a comprehensive post-dive experience.

Designed by Huish Outdoors in collaboration with Apple, the app takes advantage of improved water resistance (more on that in an Apple support document) and the new Apple Watch Ultra depth gauge and water temperature sensors to report your current depth, no-decompression time, water temperature and other important stats, with a single arrow telling you to go up, go down or stop.

Scuba diver at the beach, holding an iPhone and wearing Apple Watch Ultra running pre-dive planning in the Oceanic+ app
The dive planner will calculate your No Deco metric | Image: Apple

The Action button on your Apple Watch Ultra can be customized to launch the Oceanic+ app into the pre-dive screen. If you press the Action button during a dive, you’ll quickly mark a compass bearing. The app uses haptic feedback, and Apple says divers will feel notifications underwater through a wetsuit that’s 7mm thick.

According to the announcement in the Apple Newsroom, many common diving features are available for free, with the rest available to you if you subscribe.

Oceanic+ requires either Apple Watch Ultra running watchOS 9.1 paired with iPhone 8 or later or a second-generation iPhone SE or later running iOS 16.1.

For further information including the subscription plans, the useful FAQ and the long list of features, be sure to visit

How to download Oceanic+

Three Apple Watch Ultra device screenshots showcasing the Oceanic+ app

You can download Oceanic+ on the App Store by searching for “Oceanic+ Dive Computer App” using the store’s search function. Alternatively, follow this App Store link to download the app.

Pricing and availability

The basic plan in Oceanic+ is available for free and includes dive functions like depth/time and the ability to log your most recent dives.

If you subscribe at $10/month or $80/year, you’ll unlock advanced functionality like decompression tracking, tissue loading, the location planner and an unlimited logbook capacity. To allow access for up to five people in your Family Sharing circle, you’ll need to pay $129 yearly. Read: How to not overpay for YouTube Premium