Apple Watch Ultra

Five features to try right now on your new Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra customers began receiving their new smartwatches this Friday either by shipping courier or by going to a retail store to pick one up. If you were lucky enough to acquire an Apple Watch Ultra and you’re wondering what the first things you should do with it are, then you’ve come to the right place.

Redditor shares photos of Apple Watch Ultra that arrived two days before launch day

If you were among one of the first to pre-order the new Apple Watch Ultra after Apple finished presenting it at this month’s event, then you’d be lucky to have a delivery day of this Friday, September 23rd. Many who pre-ordered Apple’s latest and greatest wearable are seeing delays in getting their order shipped, but one absurdly lucky individual seems to have received their Apple Watch Ultra today… two days ahead of schedule.

Apple Watch Ultra tech specs

The Apple Watch Ultra is a brand-new series of Apple Watch announced by Apple at the Wednesday event in which the company appears to be exploring the world of ruggedness and capability. This sleek new device strives to outdo the ordinary Apple Watch in almost every way possible, and it’s clear from what this thing comes equipped with that it does exactly that.