Apple Watch’s Workout app picks up a Race Route feature in watchOS 9.2

Apple Watch’s Workout app in watchOS 9.2 provides a Race Route feature which enables runners and cyclists to compete against their ghost times.

A young woman jogging through the Apple Park running on a trail inside Apple Park
Racing against oneself on oneself’s favorite route | Image: Apple/YouTube
  • What’s happening? The watchOS 9.2 update brings the promised Race Route feature in the Workout app that didn’t make the cut in watchOS 9.0.
  • Why care? Now you can race against yourself when running or cycling.
  • What to do? Update to watchOS 9.2 when it launches in December.

What’s Race Route in watchOS 9.2’s Workout app?

Race Route in watchOS 9.2’s Workout app lets runners and cyclists race against their ghost times on a frequently used route, including best or last results. The watch notifies you during the run when you’re ahead or behind your pace to help you beat your ghost. And if you try to cheat by going off-route, it’ll tap you on the wrist.

Thanks to the Race Route feature and in-session pacing guidance, you’re more likely to engage in a little competition with yourself and gauge your form. Race Route is limited to the outdoor run and cycle workouts (too bad it’s unavailable for walks).

When will watchOS 9.2 launch for public consumption?

The race route feature in the Workout app on Apple Watch
Try to beat your ghost times if you can! | Image: Apple

Race Route was announced in June 2022 alongside other new watchOS 9 features. watchOS 9.0 dropped in September but Race Route was nowhere to be found. That’s because this is one of those features with a “Coming later this year” label.

Developers and public beta testers may download watchOS 9.2 beta 3 now and take Race Route for a spin. Read: How to turn off Apple Watch workout detection

Otherwise, you’ll need to wait until watchOS 9.2 launches to all users.

You’ll update your Apple Watch to watchOS 9.2 in Settings → General → Software Update on the device or via My Watch General → Software Update in the companion Watch app on your iPhone. Watch this space as we’ll be making sure to ping you when watchOS 9.2 releases commercially. Read: 10 cool iPhone tricks