The best thin cases for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro

If you’re not a fan of big, bulky iPhone cases, but you want to do something to protect your investment, you may want to consider an ultra-thin case. These are protective covers for your phone that are so slim, it almost feels like you don’t have a case on at all. There are a number of options available, but as usual, we’ve done the heavy lifting. Keep reading for our roundup of the absolute best thin cases for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro.

Trust the experts

I have been testing and reviewing iPhone cases for more than a decade, and prior to that I worked in cell phone (and accessory) sales. I’m very familiar with all of the major manufacturers, and their long-standing product lines, as well as most of the notable newcomers in the space.

Every case you see mentioned was picked based on either my personal experience with it, and/or its predecessors, first-hand recommendations from my equally impressive colleagues, or painstaking research across various consumer advocate and retail sites. I do the hard work so you don’t have to.

Things to look for

There are a few things I looked for when selecting cases for this roundup.

The first thing is obviously: is the case actually thin? A lot of manufacturers like to use adjectives like thin, slim and ultra-thin in their marketing materials, but does the case fit our definition of slim, which is less than .40” thick?

Next I check to make sure the case comes from a reputable brand. Does it have positive critic and customer reviews? And have the reviews been tested for authenticity? This helps weed out a lot of the junk private label products that are mass-produced to make a quick buck.

Finally I draw on personal experience with the case, as well as that of my co-workers and other experts. Does the case fit the appropriate iPhone correctly—meaning do the button and port holes line up properly? Does the case keep its color and shape overtime, or is it known to fade/yellow and soften up, meaning it won’t have a tight fit any more.

If the case meets all of these requirements, or at least the majority of them, chances are it makes the list.

What about MagSafe?

-thin cases should work with all standard Qi and MagSafe wireless chargers. To ensure the best compatibility with MagSafe chargers and MagSafe accessories though, you’ll want a case with a built-in magnet. We should have this clearly marked in the description, but to confirm compatibility you can check the retail website or in most cases you can see the physical magnets in the cases.

The best thin cases for iPhone 14 Pro 2022


totallee iPhone 14 pro thin case

Totallee made our ‘Best Clear Case’ roundup for the iPhone 14, where we noted it measured in at an impressively thin .33 inches. Well their color cases come in even thinner at just .31 inches—meaning you are adding just .02 inches of thickness to your iPhone. They also weigh in at just .1 ounces, so nearly weightless, and include a raised lip around the phone’s rear camera bump for added scratch/drop protection.

Pros: Ultra-thin and lightweight—you can barely feel it in your pocket.

Cons: It’s a more rigid case without a lot of cushioning for drop protection

Buy for iPhone 14 Pro – $39

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Pitaka MagEZ 3 iPhone 14 Pro thin case


If you’re in the market for something with a different aesthetic, might I suggest checking out the MagEZ Case 3 from Pitaka. It’s made of 600D aramid fiber material, but it looks and feels a lot like carbon fiber. It measures in at .35 inches thin and weighs .61 ounces, and it features an open top/bottom design that gives you easier access to ports and speakers. It also has a robust rear camera lip and a built-in magnet for MagSafe wireless charging and accessories.

Pros: alternative design for those tired of nondescript TPU, material gives case a sort of tacky-like grip

Cons: you could put design here too if you’re not a fan, openness leaves top/bottom of iPhone more exposed to scratches and debris

Buy for iPhone 14 pro – $60

Caudabe Veil

caudabe veil iPhone 14 Pro ultra thin case

Caudabe is a brand that has sort of flown under the radar in the case space these past few years. They don’t do a ton of marketing and they don’t have a huge Amazon presence, but those in the know, know they make great cases. I don’t have the exact measurements (I’ve reached out to Caudabe for them), but I would say the weight and thickness is inline with that of the Totallee, if not just a hair higher. This case covers all edges and surfaces of your new iPhone (except the screen) and has a nice scratchy matte surface.

Pros: Caudabe has a great 30-day return policy and 1-year warranty

Cons: there is obviously no built-in magnet here so MagSafe compatibility is questionable

Buy for iPhone 14 Pro – $27

Spigen Thin Fit

Spigen Thin Fit iPhone 14 case

Spigen has a great track record of producing quality cases at affordable prices, and the Thin Fit is no different. It features a hybrid design of both soft TPU and harder PC for a nice combination of grip and protection against drops and bumps. And yes it’s very thin—adding just .07 inches of depth to your iPhone 14 (measured on the Pro). Finally we have built-in tactical buttons (button covers) that are easy to press and offer solid feedback.

Pros: I don’t have hard data on it but the hybrid design feels more protective than other PC-only cases, great price

Cons: I always have a hard time finding cons in these well-made, affordable cases

Buy for iPhone 14 Pro – $17

Peak Design Everyday Case

The Everyday case from Peak Design is another great options for folks looking for something more than the standard silicone cases. It’s ultra-thin at just 2.4mm (or .09 inches), it has a protective rubberized bumper and it’s wrapped in this beautiful nylon canvas material. It’s most notable feature, though, is the built-in magnetic/mechanical lock on the back. This is used for Peak’s proprietary SlimLink mounting system that features a number of accessories and mounts for things like a bike holster, motorcycle, tripods and much more. I haven’t tried any of the accessories myself, but they say the connection is so fast and secure it feels like magic.

Pros: really thin and sharp-looking, compatible with all MagSafe accessories and chargers

Cons: if you aren’t going to use the mounting system, I wouldn’t fault you for looking elsewhere

Buy for iPhone 14 Pro – $40

Peel Super Thin Case

Of course no thin or ultra-thin case roundup would be complete without mentioning Peel. I don’t have hard evidence that they were the first ever ultra thin iPhone case without patterns or branding, but they were certainly among the first. So obviously their Super Thin case for iPhone 14 checks all the boxes: super thin profile that adds just 0.01 inches of depth, lips around the display and rear camera lens, and of course minimal design with zero branding.

Pros: precise cutouts for buttons and speakers and a nice matte finish for added grip

Cons: 40 bucks feels kind of steep for a thin, flimsy piece of plastic

Buy for iPhone 14 Pro – $39

And those are the best iPhone 14 thin cases. Looking for other types of cases? Be sure to check out our more comprehensive main roundup. We have picks for best leather cases, wallet cases, rugged cases and cases under $20. We also have a roundup of the best clear cases.