Fittree, 3 Minute Journal, Play and other apps to check out this weekend

Welcome back for another edition of our Apps of the Week roundup. We have some great picks for you this week including an app for creating and sharing workouts, an app that makes journaling both faster and easier, and a handy mobile design tool. Plus as always, we’ve selected a fun new game for you to check out.

Fittree – For Fitness Creators

I thought this was a really unique idea. Fittree is an app that allows you to easily create new workouts and share them with others. The developers say it’s geared toward fitness creators, but I imagine anyone wanting to discover and share new workouts with friends or gym partners could find some use here.

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3 Minute Journal

Everyone knows that journaling is good for you, yet very few people do it because it’s too time consuming. That’s where the 3 Minute Journal comes in. It allows you to do audio journal entries, so you can simply speak your mind. It even transcribes your audio clips into text, so you have that available as well.

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Play—Mobile Design Tool

Ever have a cool app idea but didn’t know where to start? Play is a mobile design tool that enables you to create app prototypes in minutes and test them right on your iPhone or iPad. Features include native tools like live maps, modals, pickers, text input, gestures, interactions and more—all without any coding.

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My Monster Eats Furniture

Love the title, love the concept. In My MEF, you embark on an epic and emotional journey with CAT and Dylan about love, dealing with loss and grief. It’s exciting, hilarious, fun and at times even touching and poignant. There are 10 powerful bosses spread across 10 levels and over 200 pieces of gear to collect.

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