iOS 16.1 will reportedly support deleting the Apple Wallet app

Apple has made it possible to delete stock apps, like the Stocks app for instance, from your iPhone for quite some time now. But, there are still some first-party apps that don’t support the “feature” just yet, like the Wallet app. But even that might be changing in the near future.

According to a report fromĀ 9to5Mac, Apple will make it possible for iOS users to delete the stock Wallet app with iOS 16. However, it won’t be available at the upcoming update’s arrival this fall. Instead, the initial report indicates the feature will go live with the launch of iOS 16.1.

The discovery was actually found in the iPadOS 16.1 beta code.

To that end, the Wallet app will be installable from the App Store as well. Just like the other stock apps Apple allows users to delete. So, if the app is deleted, and the user wants to re-download it, they’ll be able to do that directly from the App Store.

The Wallet app is required for using Apple Pay, so that’s something to keep in mind. The app is used for mobile payments, and, to that end, stores not only debit cards and credit cards, but also rewards cards and more.

It’s a strange move, to say the least, especially considering how crucial the Wallet app is for so many iOS users out there in the wild. But, it could be related to antitrust law violations that have been levied against the company. Apple could be facing those a bit head on (in its own way), but we’ll have to wait and see if Apple says anything about the change when the feature does go live.