Check out the trailer for the upcoming Apple TV+ series ‘Life by Ella’ starring Lily Brooks O’Briant

It’s hard to imagine a company with an original video streaming service leaning so heavily into family-friendly content if it wasn’t proving fruitful for that company. Apple TV+ keeps earnings rewards and accolades for shows like Severance and Ted Lasso, but it feels like when it comes to new premieres, the lion’s share of attention is for family-friendly shows. Take, for example, the latest trailer for a new show heading to Apple TV+ in the near future called Life by Ella.

This upcoming series stars Lily Brooks O’Briant (The Tick), along with Artyon Celestine (Harlem), Vanessa Carrasco (Irreplaceable You). It’s directed by Emmy Award nominee Linda Mendoza of Ugly Betty fame, and created by Jeff Hodsden and Tim Pollack, who previously created the popular kid-friendly Bunk’d.

Here’s the description Apple TV+ included along with the official trailer it published today:

Ella returns to school with a brand new perspective, excitement for what the future holds, and a major seize-the-day mentality. With her best friend by her side, she is ready to tackle everything she was too afraid of before and determined not to let the minutia of fake friends and social media status distract her.

Life by Ella is set to premiere on Friday, September 2, 2022.

The ensemble cast also includes Kevin Rahm (Mad Men), Kunal Dudheker (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings), Mary Faber (Kidding), and Aidan Wallace (You).

The series looks like a fun life-affirming romp, if nothing else. Are you going to check this one out when it premieres in September?