A new entry-level iPad will reportedly feature USB-C, A14 Bionic processor, and 5G

While Apple might be aiming big for future iPad models, the company’s entry-level option remains a steadfast member of the lineup. Now a new report suggests Apple is planning to make its least expensive tablet a little bit more capable. At least in the hardware department.

A top-down view of a white work desk with a your male's hands holding Apple's ninth-generation iPad in hands with the default home screen shown on the display

According to a new report from 9to5Mac, Apple is planning to upgrade the entry-level iPad in a few key areas. First, Apple will reportedly be dropping the Lightning port from the tablet with its upcoming refresh, opting instead to adopt USB-C. That move would certainly make sense, with the other iPad models in the family already using the port.

The upcoming 10th-generation iPad (codenamed J272) will also supposedly boast 5G wireless connectivity for the cellular models. The device will also upgrade the display, moving things up from the current 10.2-inch panel to a larger 10.5- or 10.9-inch screen. It will also reportedly be a Retina panel, similar to what’s in the iPad Air.

And finally, the new entry-level iPad will reportedly boast the A14 Bionic processor under the hood. That isn’t a huge leap, as far as chips are concerned –even for the A-series– but it should be a noteworthy change for anyone who has an older iPad and is looking to upgrade.

Unfortunately the report doesn’t tell us if Apple is going to upgrade the design of the entry-level iPad. It’s possible Apple retains the current model’s aesthetic, with big borders and the physical Home button. Or the company could adopt something similar to the iPad Air or iPad mini, with slightly smaller bezels and Touch ID embedded in the Power button. But, with the other changes Apple is making, it’s certainly possible.

So, some pretty big changes for the entry-level iPad. Which should all be welcomed, especially if Apple retains the $329 price point.