Nomad and Orbitkey team up to launch the Key Organizer

Brand collaborations happen all the time. Some of them are more in-depth than others. Others, meanwhile, showcase the best of both companies with a superb product. In the case of the team-up between Nomad and Orbitkey, it’s certainly the latter.

This is the Key Organizer from Nomad and Orbitkey. It’s a simple enough design, and yet it’s crafted with the high-level materials fans of either company would expect. That means a PVD-coated stainless steel D-ring, Horween leather, and a stitch-less design.

The Key Organizer from Nomad and Orbitkey comes in a single color: brown. The accessory can hold between two and 7 keys, and it has a slim and low profile to help stay out of the way when it needs to.

TheĀ Nomad x Orbitkey Key Organizer retails for $49.95 and you can find it on Nomad’s website.