Apple announces refreshed Home app, support for new smart home standard Matter

Continuing with its iOS 16 announcements, Apple has unveiled a refreshed Home app. It doesn’t appear to be a total redesign, but there are a ton of UI refinements that make the app easier to use. Additionally, Apple says that support for the new smart home standard Matter is on the way.

Apple says the new Home app makes it easier for users to navigate, organize, and view their accessories, and it has also made enhancements to the underlying architecture that offer users more efficient and reliable control of their home.

Additionally, Apple reiterated its commitment to the new smart home standard Matter. First announced in 2019 as project CHIP, Matter is a royalty-free, open-source connectivity standard that aims to reduce fragmentation across vendors. Along with Apple, Google, Amazon, Comcast and other smart home accessory makers are supporting the standard, and it’s expected their first products will launch later this year.

With Matter, a wide variety of accessories will work together seamlessly across platforms, helping fulfill the true vision of a smart home.