Native Apple Maps ratings are now available to users in Germany

Folks in Germany can now contribute to the Apple Maps rating system via an iPhone, iPad or Mac following the feature’s debut in the US and Canada in 2021.

  • Native Apple Maps ratings have expanded in Germany after originally launching in the United States and Canada back in 2021.
  • Users can contribute to the rating system by uploading their own photos of a location, as well as giving it a thumbs-up or thumbs-down rating.
  • The native rating system is in addition to the app’s external rating system that continues to be available to all users.

Native Apple Maps ratings have launched in Germany

Two iPhone device screenshots showcasing native Apple Maps ratings for a restaurant in Germany

The German launch of Maps ratings was first reported by the German-language blog, which underscored these terms and conditions:

Anyone who chooses to contribute to the new ratings database agrees to Apple’s Terms of Use for Ratings and Photos. At the end of these extensive guidelines is a keyword list of those points that Apple does not want to see in this context. In addition to content-related exclusion criteria, this also includes technical specifications, for example, the submitted photos must be good and sufficiently large and may only be in JPEG, PNG or HEIC formats.

Visit Apple’s iOS Feature Availability webpage for the complete list of supported Apple Maps capabilities and other features and services in your region and language.

How to rate a place on Apple Maps

To provide ratings and photos for a particular place, select it on a map and choose “Rate” from the place card. Rate: 6 tips for using Maps on Apple Watch

  1. Select a location in the Maps app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.
  2. Choose “Rate” on the place card.
  3. Assign the overall rating to this place by hitting the thumbs-up or the thumbs-down button. For some places, you may be able to rate specific qualities, such as products or customer service.
  4. To upload your own photos to help others, select “Add Photo”.

No Rate button? If so, this place currently doesn’t support native Maps ratings.

How to view your Apple Maps ratings and uploaded photos

You can view and delete your ratings and uploaded photos by choosing the “Ratings & Photos” option after clicking your profile picture in Maps.

  1. Hit your profile picture or initials at the top-right corner of the search card (iOS, iPadOS) or in the Maps toolbar (macOS), then choose “Ratings & Photos.”
  2. To make changes to your ratings or add/remove the photo, choose a place from the card and select the “Rate” option, then make your changes.
  3. Finally, choose “Done” to save the changes to your Apple ID account.

A history of your ratings and photo uploads is tied to your Apple ID.

How to stop receiving suggestions for Apple Maps ratings and photos

Apple wants as many people as possible to contribute to Maps ratings by uploading their own photos and giving places a thumbs up or down. To achieve that, Siri intelligence running on your device (nothing is sent to the cloud or shared with Apple) may suggest submitting a Maps rating or photos. Apple’s support document claims this only happens if the user recently visited or took a photo of a point of interest. Should you find these suggestions annoying, disable them by turning off the option labeled “Show Ratings and Photos Suggestions” in Settings → Maps.

Ratings and your privacy

The Apple Maps & Privacy document on Apple’s website says that publicly posting these ratings, photos and other content to points of interest is purely optional. If you don’t want to use this feature, you don’t have to. Unlike other Maps activity, ratings and photos that you share within the feature are linked with your Apple ID

“Ratings and photos you share are linked to your Apple ID to ensure a safe experience,” Apple says. “Maps usage outside of ratings and photos is not linked to your Apple ID.” In other words, Apple may collect or retain some personal information related to your usage of the native ratings and photo uploads on Apple Maps.