You can now control djay Pro via analog turntables using special time code vinyl

With Digital Vinyl System in Algoriddim’s djay Pro for iPhone and iPad, you can fully control the app via professional analog turntables, mixers and other equipment.

  • German developer Algoriddim has updated its award-winning djay Pro software for iPhone and iPad with the ability to fully control the app via professional analog turntables using special time code vinyl.
  • As soon as your iOS or iPadOS device connects to dedicated DJ hardware, an optimized user interface automatically adapts.
  • With this system, all aspiring DJs need is a pair of turntables and an iPhone.

djay Pro now works with analog turntables and mixers

Algoriddim has always prided itself in its extensive support for dedicated DJ hardware. And with support for the Digital Vinyl System (DVS) standard available in the latest iteration of the app, you can now use pro-grade turntables and mixers to fully control the app running on your iPhone or iPad. So that means you can power your entire performance using just your iOS device connected to physical DJ turntables and mixers, no need to use bulky laptops at all.

The app optimizes its interface depending on the type of connected hardware. In other words, you get to control your DJing using both touch and physical controls on your turntables and stuff, with the app sitting at the center of everything. The app’s audio engine has also been optimized for digital vinyl control to offer “the tightest scratching, most accurate time-stretching and lowest latency possible.” Read: How to automatically start playing music when your Mac starts up

Promotional image showcasing the digital vinyl system in Algoriddim's djay Pro and using a connected professional analog turntable to control the app
Image credit: Algoriddim

Other features in this update include the ability to create and edit Tidal, SoundCloud, Beatport and Beatsource playlists on the fly, plus a bunch of audio effects along with an updated user interface and support for using pitch-altered cue points to create new musical moments from existing tracks.

What is Digital Vinyl System?

Algoriddim also announced something called Neural Mix Vinyl:

Neural Mix Vinyl pushes the boundary of DVS technology, offering isolated stems for any song right on the B-side of the control vinyl. Users can simply drop the needle of the analog turntable onto one of three distinct tracks on the physical record to play either the original song, its instrumental version or the acapella—just like on a 12-inch single from back in the day.

Sounds awesome, but what kind of dark magic is this?

This feature is powered by an enhanced DVS control tone exclusive to djay Pro AI which has a unique control data stream imprinted into the grooves of each of the three distinct sections of the vinyl. This drives the patented Neural Mix technology running on Mac, iPad or iPhone, using cutting-edge artificial intelligence to separate any song into its original components in real-time.

DVS does sound pretty advanced, and believe us when we say it is.

Promotional image showcasing the digital vinyl system in Algoriddim's djay Pro for iPhone, iPad and Mac which allows you to fully control the app via dedicated DJ hardware, such as professional turntables and mixers
Image credit: Algoriddim

What’s the djay Pro app used for?

djay Pro is a specialized app for professional and aspiring DJs. You don’t even have to be a professional DJ to use this excellent app, which started many years ago as a passion project by German students. The user interface is highly optimized and based on touch input. The app supports Apple’s latest platform technologies and takes advantage of hardware-accelerated machine learning for some pretty cool AI-assisted features, such as Automix.

Pricing and availability

This is a free update to existing users of the app. djay for iOS, iPadOS and macOS is available to download for free [App Store link], with a Pro upgrade unlocking advanced features such as Neural Mix, the new DVS capability, many content libraries and other perks. A monthly subscription is $7, or $50 for an annual one. A single subscription gives you unrestricted access to all of the features in djay Pro for iPhone, iPad and Mac. For further information, visit the official Algoriddim website.