“Elements” iPhone OLED wallpapers for the minimalists

The iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week gallery brings photo quality images to your favorite Apple device every Sunday. We post downloads than run from extremely minimal to complex and surreal. Personally, my favorite wallpapers are as minimal as possible, but with enough intrigue and color to show a touch of sophistication.

Featuring an electric glow, these “Elements” iPhone OLED wallpapers were inspired by the glowing Apple logo outline in the recent Peek Performance event and fall squarely in the sophisticatedly minimal category.

iPhone OLED wallpapers: “Elements”

The opening scene of the Peek Performance event, shown below, expands on the Apple event invitation, which included a multicolored Apple logo outline. This colorful opening sequence inspired digital artist @BasicAppleGuy, who created a series of wallpapers based on the sequence.

According to the artist:

The electric glow forming the curvature of the Apple logo during the opening gave me an idea about creating a dark and uncluttered wallpaper, made to look especially crisp on Apple’s miniLED & OLED devices. The intent was to create a design with a strong contrast between the dark background & the intense, vibrant thread running across the panel. A colour gradient was also applied across multiple layers, creating a transition of colour along the thread as it flows across the display.

Below is a sampling of these Element wallpapers, in Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. These wallpapers are hot! And, not just the Fire version. I included the OLED optimized downloads–double checking they are True Black at #000000 via Pixelmator Pro. These backgrounds absolutely pop on the iPhone 13 Pro Max screen.

Elements Wind OLED optimized iPhone wallpaper Download
Elements Water iPhone OLED background Download

Elements Fire OLED optimized iPhone wallpaper Download
Elements Earth iPhone OLED wallpaper Download

More of a every-device-wallpaper-person? If you want even more Elements wallpapers, then visit BasicAppleGuy’s full collection for download, which includes iPad, desktop, and non-OLED optimized iPhone versions. Deck out your entire Apple device collection with these minimal images. On the desktop version, I love how much of the ‘element’ you can see sparking out into the near-black background. The scale changes the whole experience.

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Apple Peek Performance event wallpapers

Download the Peek Performance event wallpapers