Apple “Peek Performance” event wallpapers

On March 2, 2022, Apple officially announced the “Peek performance” event, to be held on Tuesday, March 8. As always, the media invitation included an incredible design. This invitation included a three dimensional version the Apple logo, with a series of outlined colors. Quick to take inspiration, we have “Peek performance” wallpapers ready for your devices.

Apple “Peek performance” wallpapers

Answering the call for the iDB Wallpapers of the Week community, @BasicAppleGuy, a new staple addition to the background gallery, quickly submitted this design. Taking cues from the actual invitation, the #000000 True Black background is perfect for OLED screen iPhones. Given the all black background, that part of your iPhone screen will actually turn off to give you a perfect black with this amazing popping, multi-colored Apple logo.

The event is said to include new hardware, such as a new iPhone SE with refreshed internals, and a form factor similar to the iPhone 12. Along for the ride could be updated Mac computers, featuring Apple SOC.

Apple Fanboys like to speculate about the meaning of each event invitation, and with this true black background, perhaps it indicates the iPhone SE will switch to an OLED screen. Or, the potential iPad Air could switch to a miniLED screen, which also boasts local dimming zones that try to mimic the all black infinite contrast of the OLED screens.

Regardless, the invitation is simple and fun. The colorful Apple logo makes these Apple Peek performance wallpapers a really fun addition to your wallpaper collection.

Our thanks to BasicAppleGuy for the quick work here and if you like his work, give him a follow on Twitter and visit our BasicAppleGuy curated wallpaper gallery. For even more, visit the BasicAppleGuy blog!

Apple peek performance iPhone event wallpaper Download


iPad peek performance Apple event wallpaper Download


Peek performance Apple event wallpaper in 6K Download

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