Apple’s TV app is now available in hotel rooms with Philips MediaSuite TV sets

Apple’s TV app is coming to hotels with the announcement that select hotel rooms with Philips MediaSuite hospitality TVs now include access to the Apple TV app.

A lifestyle image showing a businessman in a hotel room watching Apple TV+ on a Philips MediaSuite hospitality television set
Image credit: Philips Professional Display Solutions
  • Apple’s TV app is expanding to hotel rooms that are outfitted with Philips MediaSuite TVs supplied by Philips Professional Display Solutions (PPDS).
  • Hotel guests will be able to stream Apple TV+ entertainment (all shows and movies), as well as access other content through the Apple TV app.
  • PPDS has said that Apple’s software will be installed on the Android-powered MediaSuite TV sets through Google’s Play Store.

The Apple TV app hits hotel rooms via Philips MediaSuite

Philips has now released a MediaSuite firmware update that lets users download the Apple TV app from Google’s Play Store (don’t be surprised, the MediaSuite is an Android TV-driven platform after all). Aside from bringing the world of Apple TV+ entertainment to hotel rooms, the move lets logged-in travelers access curated recommendations, watch rentals and purchases, pick up watching where they left off via the Up Next queue and more. Apple’s software is available to hotel guests whose rooms include a Philips MediaSuite hospitality TV set beginning today.

The announcement on the PPDS website quotes Jeroen Verhaeghe, the mastermind behind Philips MediaSuite, as saying the following:

I am absolutely delighted that we can now offer access to the Apple TV app, which features Apple TV+, one of the world’s most popular TV streaming services, to Philips MediaSuite. Bringing even more choice to hotel guests by allowing them to stream the content they enjoy, in the ways they want.

This is the first time the TV app is available in hotel rooms. The software is currently available in more than a hundred countries across Apple’s own and third-party devices, including the Xbox and PlayStation consoles, Roku, as well as smart TVs from LG, Samsung and others. Read: How to adjust streaming quality in the TV app