AirPlay support coming to Cisco’s WebEx devices such as the Room, Desk and Board

Cisco will add AirPlay support this June, enabling Apple users to beam media and cast iPhone screens to WebEx devices such as the Room, Desk and Board.

  • Starting this June, people will be able to share their iPhone, iPad or Mac display in virtual meetings with colleagues, making hybrid work environments more magical.
  • “Gone are the days of fumbling with cords or worrying about the connections.”
  • System administrators will be able to set a PIN to prevent unwanted devices from using AirPlay, either during the initial connection or every time AirPlay is used.

When will Cisco’s WebEx devices support AirPlay?

Cisco has officially announced in a blog post that its Room, Desk and Board videoconferencing devices will pick up support for AirPlay via a free software update coming in June 2022. Read: How to AirPlay or mirror your iPhone screen to Apple TV

AirPlay, for those now familiar with it, is Apple’s technology that enables nearby devices to directly share photos, music or videos without having to connect to a network or use a specialized app. Cisco’s implementation of the feature will include AirPlay Mirroring, allowing Apple users to wirelessly share the contents of their iPhone, iPad or Mac screen with a WebEx device.

Cisco wrote some nice words about Apple:

We believe Apple products are truly world class and set the highest example for how products should be built for business. We value our partnership—which began six years ago with the introduction of Fast Lane for iOS and now 90 percent of Cisco customers have access—and we look forward to our continued work together.

Given Cisco’s importance in enterprise environments and networking, this is a clear corporate win for both companies’ customers.

AirPlay is one of Apple’s best features

AirPlay used to be limited to Apple hardware, requiring a receiver such as an Apple TV to function. But as Apple began dipping its toes in Hollywood entertainment with its Apple TV+ video service, it brought AirPlay to smart TVs from LG, Samsung and others. This benefits consumers because who can now cast their iPhone screen or send the video they’re watching on their iOS, iPadOS or macOS device to their big-screen television set, no Apple TV required at all.

With the recent macOS Monterey 12.3 update, the company has turned the Mac into an AirPlay receiver. This is a great feature for iMac owners who can now cast their iPhone screens to their all-in-one desktop, which wasn’t possible before the update.