Apple Studio Display owners can upgrade the stand after purchase

The Studio Display is a brand new external monitor from Apple, and it went on sale not too long ago. Like many of the company’s products, the accessory situation isn’t the easiest to work with, even when it comes to just choosing a stand for your new external display. In fact, Apple’s fine print on the new accessory suggests that choosing one stand option might lock you into that route completely. But it turns out that’s not the case after all.

As first reported recently by MacRumors, for folks who buy a new Studio Display, they aren’t locked into their stand choice as previously thought. Earlier this month it was reported that the VESA mount and Studio Display stands are not interchangeable, which suggested that whatever option you went with, you’d have to be happy with it for the long haul. Turns out things aren’t that permanent after all. In fact, all it takes is a visit to an Apple Store or Authorized Service Provider to get things switched around.

The primary use case here is switching from an Apple Studio Display stand to a VESA mount. As mentioned above, Apple said these choices are not interchangeable. But, that’s not the case. Today’s report tells us that if you buy a Studio Display with Apple’s Studio Display with the tilt-adjustable stand, you can book an appointment to switch to a VESA mount adapter. That’s according to internal documentation that MR was able to get their eyes on.

It’s the same situation if a Studio Display buyer opts for the tilt-adjustable stand but wants to switch to the tilt- and height-adjustable stand instead. Book an appointment with an Apple Store or an ASP and you can switch your stand preference.

As for one other important detail, the price. According to the report, that may vary quite a bit based on several factors. Those include: your region, cost of labor, and the style of mount/stand. So the easiest way to save some money is to pick the stand/mount of your choice right out of the gate. Hopefully that will be what works for you during the entire time you own Apple’s new Studio Display. Especially considering the external monitor starts at $1,599.

Did you buy a Studio Display? If so, which stand/mount option did you go with?