Gridded gradient pattern wallpapers for iPhone

The iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week collection provides crispy, photo quality images to your Apple device backgrounds. Every Sunday, you will find a premium, set of downloads, focused on iPhone, but regularly for other Apple devices like iPad and desktop. Today’s installment uses color and shapes, building a gridded gradient pattern.

Gridded gradient wallpapers

The following images are original creations by @ongliong11. The account regularly posts digital creations that are great for iPhone wallpapers. Follow the account for great images.

Of the downloads below, the top two are the intended design by ongliong11. The gridded gradient passes along seemingly randomized, non-squared segments that change colors through the design. The first keeps a consistent soft blue hue, fading into a dark navy. The second download in red, fades to black which makes a perfect option for iPhones with OLED panels.

Shades of blue grids iPhone wallpaper Download
Multicolor grid for OLED iPhone Download

Below are two variations of the original designs. Simply, I flipped the orientation of the originals, giving two extra options, if you prefer the main wallpaper design to be located at the top. To be clear, these are not the intended design by ongliong11.

Shades of blue grids iPhone wallpaper inverted Download
Multicolor grid for OLED iPhone inverted Download

My favorite of the four designs is the original blue variant. I think I prefer it because of my Sierra Blue iPhone 13 Pro Max. The colors blend nicely with the hardware. However, the black background on the red version is preferable on a Lock Screen because it gives room for the clock to rest without a busy background. And the black will turn off the screen in that location.

If you have wallpaper opinions, downloads, or tips on where to find a great repo, catch up with me via @jim_gresham. Send me your Home Screen setups or image downloads! Follow along for sneak peaks of upcoming posts, mid-week downloads, and general banter about Apple rumors and terrible Sci-Fi.

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