Zebra package manager updated to v1.1.26 with device info copy feature & bug fixes

Anyone who uses Zebra on their jailbroken iPhone or iPad to manage their jailbreak add-on installations might be interested to learn that an update for the popular alternative to native package manager apps such as Cydia and Sileo was released Sunday evening.

The latest release of Zebra, dubbed version 1.1.26, appears to incorporate each of the following changes:

– Adds a handy feature to copy device info by tapping the device info text at the bottom of the home page
– Fixes a crash on iOS 9 through 13 when tapping on the Add Source button
– Fixes the sorting of the package list export feature to be alphabetical

We particularly appreciate the ability to copy device info from the bottom of the Zebra home page since that information includes your handset’s UDID, which is often required to activating certain paid jailbreak tweaks in which the developer has implemented that style of licensing system.

The other changes in this update are primarily bug fixes, and credit was given to @opa334 for helping to address the crash-related bug fix referenced above.

If you’re already a Zebra user, then this update is obviously recommended for you since it can make the experience associated with using the app better. If you’re not already using Zebra, then it might be a good time to consider checking it out, as Zebra is one of the few package manager apps officially supported by the new Havoc repository – the successor to Packix.

Even if you’re already using another package manager app, be it Cydia, Installer, Saily, or even Sileo, Zebra will play nicely alongside it without trying to force you to uninstall what you already have. The repository to download Zebra from is provided below:


It’s worth noting that the Zebra package manager is open source on GitHub and that maintenance is now headed by Adam Demasi @hkirb (previously Wilson Styres @willywurr). Since the change in hand, Zebra receives much more frequent quality-of-life (QoL) updates, which benefits users in the long run.

Have you updated to the latest version of Zebra yet? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.