Latest Zebra update revives popular repo URL detection feature, improves UI, & fixes bugs

Hot off the heels of a rather juicy update launched over this past weekend, the Zebra package manager is out with another update this Monday evening, this time bringing it up to version 1.1.25.


Albeit not a massive update, this is a noteworthy update for Zebra in that it incorporates a rather user-friendly feature or two that just might excite its fan base. The full change log below:

– Fixes an issue on jailbreaks based on the Telesphoreo distro (iOS 9.0-10.3) where package installation would fail after updating to Zebra 1.1.24 due to a “dpkg: PATH not set” error.
– Reintroduces detection of repo URLs on your clipboard, which was removed a few releases ago due to privacy concerns with the “Zebra pasted from…” pop-up notification appearing too frequently. Now, you’ll only see this notification when you tap the + Add Source button while a URL is on the clipboard.
– Tweaks the icons used for swipe actions for better UI consistency.

By far the most eye-catching change in the new Zebra v1.1.25 release is the return of the clipboard detection feature, which can automatically detect repository URLs that you’ve copied to the clipboard to make adding jailbreak repositories both effortless and satisfying.

As mentioned in the change log, this feature was originally a part of Zebra, but was temporarily removed until it could be brought back to address a known privacy concern. With its reintroduction, users can rest assured that the privacy concern is no longer a concern.

All existing Zebra users are advised to update to the latest version of the package manager app since it introduces both useful new features and interface improvements. If you’re not already taking full advantage of Zebra, then you can acquire it for free from the following repository:

Zebra plays nicely alongside your existing package manager app, whatever it might be. The package is totally open source on GitHub and is now actively maintained by Adam Demasi @hkirb (previously Wilson Styres @willywurr).

Have you updated to the latest version of Zebra yet? Discuss in the comments section down below.