Prevent iOS 14 from bugging you about headphone volume & hearing protection with this tweak

Just last year, we showed you a free jailbreak tweak called F***MyHearing that jailbreakers could have used to prevent iOS or iPadOS from automatically turning down their media playback volume while using headphones to purportedly ‘protect their hearing.’

Just this weekend however, iOS developer MYXXdev released their own version of this functionality in the form of an alternative free jailbreak tweak called PissOffProtection® (for iOS 14), and just as you’d come to expect, it does essentially the same thing as the original tweak mentioned above.

Apple implemented this hearing protection feature starting with iOS & iPadOS 13, and it basically allows the operating system to automatically reduce headphone playback volume when it believes that your ears’ health could be at risk of potentially ear-damaging exposure. It does this each and every time it thinks you’re at risk, and it shows a notification when it happens as well.

The problem arises when you’re in a loud environment with lots of ambient noise, and in these cases you often don’t have any other choice but to crank your headphone volume up just to hear what you’re trying to listen to. Additionally, this can happen right as you reach the climax of your favorite song, which is a buzzkill with respect to your personal entertainment.

In some cases, the operating system is completely wrong and thinks you’re using your headphones at an unacceptable volume level when you’re not, just like this poor guy on the Apple Support forums.

Unfortunately, neither iOS and iPadOS seem to care about the aforementioned factors; these operating systems go right ahead and turn your playback volume down to ‘protect your ears’ regardless.

With PissOffProtection® (for iOS 14) installed, your iPhone or iPad will longer reduce your headphone playback volume automatically, allowing you as the user to dictate what volume level is comfortable for your ears and for how long it should play at that volume level instead of letting an often-mistaken machine decide that for you.

You obviously do this at your own risk since these safeguards are in place to protect your hearing, but if you deem the automatic volume regulation to be more of a nuisance than actually helpful to your hearing health, then PissOffProtection (for iOS 14) just might be the solution you’re looking for.

If you’re already using The previously-released F***MyHearing tweak, then we can’t find any compelling reasons to switch to the newer PissOffProtection® (for iOS 14) tweak, however if you aren’t using either one yet, then you now have two to pick from. The only difference we can discern is that the original tweak offers a little more customization in terms of disabling the system notifications about hearing protection, so choosing which one to use comes down to you.

Those interested in trying PissOffProtection® (for iOS 14) can download it for free from MYXXdev’s personal repository from their favorite package manager app. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS & iPadOS 14 devices and doesn’t come with any options to configure.

If you don’t already have MYXXdev’s repository added, then you can add it right now by using the URL provided below:

Do you think you’ll be turning off your iPhone’s hearing protection feature, or do you trust that it’s doing what it sets out to do? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.