Saily package manager updated with bug fixes and improvements

The Saily APT-based alternative package manager app for jailbroken iPhones and iPads running iOS or iPadOS 13 and later was officially released to the general public last week with an impressive user interface, and its already being updated with improvements.

Saily version 2.1-REL-1643712140 boasts an extensive change log, and was released by the Saily Team Tuesday morning. Citing the change log, we can gather that this new version adds the following changes:

What’s New

– Task option for dry run and copy script
– Download option for elegant packages


– Depiction view height mismatch
– Depiction web view dark mode broken

Package Depiction Page

– Screenshot for native depiction will now open in full screen mode
– Users can now set their own User Agent inside Setting page
– Pop-up links will now be handled and opened
– Dark mode will now check for web document meta
– Fixed install button size problem under some localization

Other Improvements

– Fixed a problem where repository metadata (e.g. featured packages) that had been removed from the server were not cleaned properly
– Unused fluent icons are now removed

If you’re already a Saily user, then you can open any package manager on your jailbroken device and refresh your sources to find the latest version available for download.

Those not already using Saily can check it out for free from the BigBoss repository. Please note, however l, that only jailbroken iOS or iPadOS 13 and later devices are supported.

Saily plays nicely with your existing package manager app(s), which means you won’t need to pick and choose between them.

Have you downloaded the latest version of Saily yet? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.