Got a notification badge on your Settings app because of a pending software update? This tweak removes it

One of the most anxiety-inducing things that you might experience as a jailbreaker is the inevitable red notification badge on the Settings app icon denoting a pending software update.

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t make it easy to hide that badge, and while several jailbreak tweaks exist for hiding it, iOS developer wrp1002 is now out with their own solution in the form of a new jailbreak tweak dubbed NoSettingsBadge.

Just as the tweak’s name suggests, NoSettingsBadge removes the notification badge that would normally appear on the Settings app icon when you have a pending software update waiting to be installed.

Since jailbreakers typically don’t have an interest in keeping their iPhone or iPad’s firmware up to date, NoSettingsBadge is a wonderful way to sweep the notification under the rug and continue about your business without being pestered by Apple to upgrade.

We should also note that the tweak can hide notification badges from other Settings app-centric notifications, so it’s not limited to the likes of software updates.

With no options to configure, NoSettingsBadge is a no-nonsense tweak that serves a single purpose and gets it done very efficiently.

Those interested in giving NoSettingsBadge a try can download it for free from the wrp1002 repository via their favorite package manager app. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS & iPadOS 13 and 14 devices and is open source on the developer’s GitHub page.

If you’re not already taking full advantage of wrp1002’s repository, then you can add it to your package manager app of choice by using the URL provided below:

Did you find NoSettingsBadge to be a sufficient solution to hiding the notification badge on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad’s Settings app icon? Be sure to let us know why or why not in the comments section down below.