iPhone 14 hole-punch camera cutout rumored to be more oval than circular, shaped like a pill

iPhone 14 should adopt a hole-punch design. One leaker says the device’s front-facing camera cutout will be pill-shaped rather than circular.

Image credit: Moe Slah / Behance


  • “DylanDKT” claims that iPhone 14’s hole-punch cutout will be pill-shaped
  • iPhone 14 will also sport under-display Face ID tech, the leaker adds
  • This shouldn’t affect the reliability of Face ID and other sensors

Leaker: iPhone 14 hole-punch cutout will be pill-shaped

Leaker “DylanDKT” has shared on Twitter some interesting updates regarding the next iPhone, tentatively named “iPhone 14.” Apparently, the device will use an under-display Face ID without affecting the feature’s functionality. Moreover, the phone should adopt a hole-punch design with a pill-shaped cutout in the display for the front camera.

I am able to corroborate information regarding a hole punch camera for the pro models of the iPhone 14. Face ID hardware will be placed under the display. As a reassurance to any concerns, the functionality of these sensors have not been negatively affected by this change.

As reported by reputable sources like Bloomberg, the upcoming iPhone 14 lineup is expected to adopt “a hole-punch-sized notch”. If Apple chooses to ditch the notch completely and adopt a hole-punch design instead, it’ll be a major engineering challenge. Similar to some Android handsets, a hole-punch design would free up the space in the top bezel where the speaker and some sensors are typically located.

The problem with that approach is Face ID itself. As you know, Face ID is a 3D scanning technology that requires dedicated sensors such as infrared transmitters and receivers. Now, most of the credible rumors and sources have suggested that Apple will actually use an under-display version of its Face ID technology. The TrueDepth camera components would be placed under the display and the regular FaceTime camera would be relocated into a hole-punch camera cutout. Read: 5 iPhone camera tips

However, we doubt the technology has matured enough to the point where we could have under-screen cameras that didn’t compromise on quality. And why would a hole-punch cutout be pill-shaped if not to accommodate something else beyond just the front camera? Unless, of course, there’s more here than meets the eye.

Maybe “DylanDKT” was fed inaccurate information (Apple often does this to prevent leaks) or perhaps he misunderstood something, but we have a feeling that a hole-punch cutout could be more oval than circular because Apple has maybe managed to shrink all the components located within the notch so that they fir within an oval-shaped cutout?

Or maybe the notch won’t go away entirely, hole-punch design notwithstanding?