Apple’s rumored AR/VR headset said to boast three ‘innovative’ displays

The rumor mill has been working on the idea of an Apple-branded augmented reality and/or virtual reality headset for quite some time. And we may even get to see it this year, if some of those rumors pan out. But we’re not quite done working through the details ahead of any official announcements.

According to a new prediction paper for 2022 from Display Supply Chain, Apple’s upcoming AR/VR headset may boast some “innovative” display technologies. The paper says that they expect Apple to release the headset sometime in the second half of 2022, and that it will feature VR and pass-through AR modes.

What’s more, the prediction states that Apple’s headset will incorporate three display modules, a pair of micro OLED panels and a single AMOLED display:

Per the document:

We predict that Apple’s headset will have an innovative display configuration, with three display modules; two Micro OLED displays and one AMOLED panel.

Working through the potential hardware partners, Display Supply Chain says Apple is going to work with Sony for the micro OLED panels, which will be 4K in resolution and be around 1.4 inches diagonally in size. That AMOLED panel is said to be “for low-resolution peripheral vision, thereby enabling a foveated display system.”

DSC says the AR/VR headset will probably be expensive, which is not too surprising. But, we’ll have to wait a bit longer before we get anything official. If we are going to get a new piece of hardware, though, we may get the first official signs of that device at this year’s WWDC.

If Apple does launch a new headset, will you be one of the first to pick one up?