Apple will include a limited-edition AirTag in its upcoming Japanese New Year promotion

Engraving options have been available for Apple’s products for quite some time. That includes etching a very cute animals onto your devices if you feel so inclined. And for folks who would like a limited-edition furry friend on their AirTag, Apple Japan may have just what you’re looking for.

The bad news is that it’s a limited-edition item, and you’ll need to fork over some yen to actually get it. And by that, we mean you’ll need to buy an entirely different product to get your hands on this special, apparently one-of-a-kind AirTag. That’s based on the report written up by MacRumors regarding Apple’s upcoming promotion.

In light of the Japanese New Year, Apple is offering up a two-day promotion that covers a range of different products. And, as is par for the course, there are a lot of different gift cards included in the mix. Apple’s offering up to ¥24,000 on a free Apple gift card with the purchase of an eligible product.

But the real kicker is the aforementioned limited-edition AirTag, which you can see pictured above. To get that, Apple Japan says that the first 20,000 customers in Japan who purchase a new iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, or the latest iPhone SE will get the special AirTag.

To get that gift card for the whopping ¥24,000 you’ll need to buy yourself a new 27-inch iMac. If you buy a 13-inch MacBook Pro, a Mac mini, a MacBook Air, or the iPad Pro you can get a ¥12,000 gift card. You can check out the full terms and conditions for the promotion right here.

The one thing to be absolutely clear on is that to be eligible for the limited-edition AirTag, you must purchase your new iPhone through Apple’s online storefront. A purchase made through the Apple Store app is apparently not covered in the promotion.

Apple Japan’s promotion runs from January 2 to January 3, 2022.