Apple reportedly looking to expand in-house chip development with new office space

One of the many strengths Apple has in a very competitive market is its processors. What started as the A-series has expanded in a big way, with custom chips for some of the most important products under the Apple umbrella. And it sounds like Apple wants to go beyond its current offerings.

That’s based on a couple of tweets sent out by *Walter Bloomberg. According to the tweets, Apple is building out office space that will be dedicated to developing wireless chips in-house. Which means that this would ultimately reduce Apple’s reliance on third-party companies. It also hints that Apple is looking to use its development and technical prowess, and lessons learned from its current in-house processor offerings, to develop even more powerful wireless chips for its products.

Bloomberg follows up the initial tweet by suggesting that Apple’s move to develop new wireless chips in-house would replace parts currently offered by Broadcom and Skyworks.

And that’s just about all we have on that matter at this point. There aren’t any additional details at the moment. But it wouldn’t be all that surprising at all to see Apple go down this route.