This tweak brings iPadOS 15’s Home Page editing features to pwned iPads on iPadOS 14

Starting with iPadOS 15, iPad users can do a whole lot more with their Home Screens than they could in iPadOS 14. That’s because Apple provided users with a more advanced Home Screen editing interface.

But let’s say you’re jailbroken on iPadOS 14; chances are you have no intention of upgrading to iPadOS 15 anytime soon…

Typically, you’d be out of luck if you wanted those Home Screen editing features on an iPadOS 14 device, but iOS developer Tomasz Poliszuk has released a new and free jailbreak tweak dubbed Home Page Editing Enabler that lets you have your cake and eat it too.

Once installed, even iPadOS 14 users can enjoy many of the same Home Screen editing features that iPadOS 15 users have had since Apple first released the major iPadOS software update at the end of September.

The developer’s Home Page Reordering Enabler tweak will automatically be installed alongside the Home Page Editing Enabler tweak, and this means that iPadOS 14 users can both access the Home Screen editor and rearrange the individual positions of their Home Screen pages.

With these features, you can keep your jailbreak and feel satisfied knowing that you’ve effectively duped Apple by running modern features on an older version of their tablet operating system. Surely they wouldn’t approve, but that’s all the fun of jailbreaking.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a tweak like Home Page Editing Enabler sets out to do just one thing doesn’t come with any options to configure.

Those interested in giving the new Home Page Editing Enabler tweak a try can download it for free from the BigBoss repository via their favorite package manager. The tweak is only intended for jailbroken iPadOS 14 devices and is fully open source on the developer’s GitHub page.

Do you have any plans to upgrade the capabilities of your jailbroken iPad running iPadOS 14 with the new Home Page Editing Enabler tweak? Let us know why or why not in the comments section down below.