Apple TV+ topical news show “The Problem with Jon Stewart” gets another quick teaser

Apple TV+ has shared a new trailer for “The Problem With Jon Stewart,” an upcoming topical news show focused on current affairs, which reveals previously unknown details.


  • Jon Stewart is doing a topical news show for Apple TV+
  • It will cover problems like environment, racial injustice and equality
  • The show premieres on Apple TV+ on September 30.

Poster artwork for the Apple TV+ talk show “The Problem with Jon Stewart”
Image credit: Apple

Watch the second trailer for “The Problem with Jon Stewart”

Watch the quick teaser embedded below for new, previously unknown details about the show. The trailer was shared through the project’s official channel on YouTube. “The Problem with Jon Stewart” will start streaming on Apple TV+ from Thursday, September 30.

Apple describes “The Problem with Jon Stewart” as a multiple season, one-hour, single-issue series which will explore topics that are “currently part of the national conversation and [Stewart’s] advocacy work.” Each season of the series will also be further explored in a companion podcast to continue the discussion.

The companion podcast will feature staff members from across the show who will conduct various interviews with activists in the space.

Apple’s description of the show:

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the world’s problems. It’s harder to pinpoint the systems responsible for creating them. In this series, Jon Stewart brings together people impacted by different parts of a problem to discuss one big question: How do we come up with change?

We first caught wind of this project in October 2020, but it wouldn’t be until June 2021 that Apple official confirmed that “The Problem with Jon Stewart” was being worked on. The company also acknowledged that this is the first in a string of projects co-produced by Apple TV+ and Jon Stewart. Concretely, Apple signed a first-look deal with Stewart and his production company, dubbed Busboy Productions.

To learn more about “The Problem with Jon Stewart,” visit its page on Apple TV+.