Nomad launches new Leather Skins and Screen Protectors for iPhone 12 lineup

If you prefer to keep your iPhone free of a case, but still want to rockĀ some amount of protection from accidents, then Nomad may have just the options for you. Today, the company is unveiling and launching some new accessories that will help you keep things pretty minimal on your phone, but still offer up some protection.

Nomad is launching not only a lineup of new Leather Skins for the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max, but also some brand new Screen Protectors that are meant to work perfectly well with the new skins and large lineup of cases for Apple’s smartphones, too. This won’t offer up total body protection, so keep that in mind, but you should be able to avoid scrapes and scratches on both the front and back of your iPhone 12 with these new accessories installed.

New Nomad Leather Skins

Which starts with the new Leather Skins. According to Nomad, these skins are meant to help iPhone 12 owners keep their device “naked,” while still giving it some class. The skin is made from Horween Leather, and you can choose from either black or brown colors. Each of the Leather Skins are precision cut to precisely fit each iPhone 12 model. The skins are 0.6mm thin, so they definitely won’t be adding any major bulk to your device of choice. The Leather Skins are held in place thanks to a thin 3M residue-free adhesive.

Nomad leather skin

What’s more, the Leather Skins are MagSafe compatible. Which means you won’t have to worry about losing any support for MagSafe accessories or wireless charging.

The Leather Skins start shipping today, and you can pick one up for $29.95.

Nomad Screen Protectors

If you want some front-facing protection for daily use, then how about a precision-cut Screen Protector that’s meant to help against impact and scratches. Nomad says these are Japanese-made tempered glass screen protectors, which will precisely fit the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. It’ll offer up edge-to-edge protection along with “perfect touch sensitivity.”

To help reduce smudging, the Screen Protectors feature an oleophobic coating. Nomad will include screen aligning and installation tools with the purchase, too.

The new Screen Protectors will ship at launch, and they cost $24.95.

Here is a quick hands-on with the brown leather skin.

As with everything Nomad, these new products are significantly pricier than comparable products you can find on Amazon. But Nomad is not in the cheap business. If history is any indication, the quality of the new Leather Skins and screen protectors from Nomad should match their price tag. Remember you typically get what you pay for!