Some of the best headphone stands you can buy now

If you have a pair of AirPods Max, or really any over-ear headphones that you don’t want just lying around on your desk, or, worse yet, stuffed into a drawer, a stand can help with that. We’ve put together a roundup of the best stands you can buy right now for your headphones.

These stands are designed with a universal leaning. So while some may name drop Apple’s expensive over-ear headphones, they are just as useful with any pair of over-ear headphones as well. Some of the designs are simple enough, meant to sit on your desk. Still, others offer an even more unique way to save space when you need to.

So, let’s dig into some of the best headphone stands you can buy.

Some of the best stands for your headphones you can buy now


This stand for your AirPods Max or other over-ear headphones has a sturdy, albeit simple design. The top bad has a gentle curve to it, which should help preserve the shape of your headphones’ head band over time. The stand itself is made from solid steel, and the base is weighted to help keep it in place even as you put the headphones on or take them off.

The pad is a soft silicone, so it shouldn’t wear and tear against the mesh design of the AirPods Max head band, either.

The headphones stand from Benks is available now in one color from Amazon.

Buy Benks AirPods Max stand for $42.99

New Bee

This headphone stand from New Bee has a unique trick, as you can probably guess from the image above. While it’s a stand first and foremost, and it will keep your AirPods Max up off the desk and out of the way when you don’t want to use them, it also features a built-in wireless charging spot on the stand’s base.

New Bee says the wireless charger charges “2X faster” than a standard wireless charger, but the landing page for the stand says it charges up to 7.5W wirelessly. So keep that in mind: this won’t be charging your newer iPhone at record speeds, but it will definitely help top you up when you need to. There’s even an LED light to help you check how the charge is going with a glance.

The stand itself is made from aluminum and features TPU rubber to help keep it in place.

This stand from New Bee is available now from Amazon.

Buy New Bee AirPods Max stand for $13.99


The Emotion stand has a unique design to it, opting for an even more minimalistic approach than the others. That large golden bolt at the top? That actually rotates and will let you adjust the height of the stand based on your needs and wants. Omoton says it’s simple to setup, too: just click in the three parts and you’ll find yourself with a nice stand made from premium aluminum alloy.

There are four non-slip silicone pads on the bottom plate, so the stand won’t slide all over the place as you move the headphones on or off. This should make it more stable in general, too.

The Omoton headphones stand is available now in one color from Amazon.

Buy Omoton AirPods Max stand for $11.99


This AirPods Max stand from UPPERCASE offers another unique design. It’s a bit more compact than the other stands, and very circular — which fits with the ZERO branding. The ring-shape design makes it so the AirPods Max or other headphones rest on the top and should keep their shape over time.

The stand is made from anodized aluminum and features silicone grips. This will help the stand stay in place, and it shouldn’t scratch your desk or your headphones, either. The modern look should help it stand out (or, depending on the rest of your desk/office design, blend in).

The UPPERCASE AirPods Max stand is available now from Amazon.

Buy UPPERCASE AirPods Max stand for $39.96


If you happen to have more than one pair of over- or on-ear headphones that you like to use at your desk, then Neetto might have the perfect headphones stand for you. The stand is made from aluminum alloy and metal, and the company says it’s “super stable.” So it should be able to hold two pairs of headphones at the same time without rocking all over the place.

The stand features a contoured hanger design, and Neetto even says you can put more than two pairs of headphones on there if you want. Neetto made it so that there isn’t any screws or tools required to set up the stand, so it shouldn’t take too long to get the right spot on your desk.

The Neetto headphones stand is available now from Amazon.

Buy Neetto Dual Headphones Stand for $21.99

If you have any other suggestions of stands you think should be on this list, be sure to let us know in the comments below!