Apple TV+ shares a first look featurette of the upcoming dark comedy series “Mr. Corman”

A new teaser video from Apple gives us a glimpse into the upcoming new dark comedy series, dubbed “Mr. Corman”, scheduled to premiere this Friday on Apple TV+.


  • “Mr. Corman” is debuting on Apple TV+ on August 6, 2021
  • The project marks Joseph Gordon Levitt’s latest series
  • It’s about a teacher who struggles to find happiness

Poster artwork promoting Apple TV+ dark comedy series "Mr. Corman"
Image Credit: Apple

Taking a sneak peek at “Mr. Corman” with the creators

Apple announced in March 2021 that Mr. Corman will premiere on Apple TV+ as a 10-episode comedy series on Friday, August 6, 2021. The first three episodes will launch on August 6, with each new subsequent episode premiering weekly.

Ahead of the series debut, Apple has now shared a first look featurette, embedded right ahead.

From the video’s description:

With better luck, better choices, better posture…Josh Corman could’ve been a rock star. Now he teaches fifth grade, and though he loves his students, he still struggles to find happiness and meaning in a world that sometimes feels short on both.

Written by, directed by and starring Joseph Gordon Levitt, who also serves as an executive producer, “Mr. Corman” will follow a teacher named Josh Corman who struggles with adulthood in Los Angeles, California. Arturo Castro also joined the cast, playing a character named Victor who is Corman’s friend and roommate.

For further information about “Mr. Corman,” visit the Apple website.

What is “Mr. Corman” all about?

Here’s how Apple describes the series:

“Mr. Corman” follows the days and nights of Josh Corman, an artist at heart but not by trade. Things haven’t been going his way lately–his lifelong dream of a career in music didn’t pan out and he finds himself teaching fifth grade at a school in the San Fernando Valley, his ex-fiancé Megan has moved out and his high school buddy has moved in.

Aware that he still has a lot to be thankful for, Josh struggles nevertheless through universal feelings of anxiety, loneliness and self-doubt. Darkly funny, oddly beautiful and deeply heartfelt, this relatable comedy-drama speaks for our contemporary generation of 30-somethings–rich with good intentions, poor with student loans and working to become grown-ups sometime before they’re senior citizens.

Pamela Harvey-White serves as producer.

Produced for Apple TV+ by A24, “Mr. Corman” is created by, directed by and executive produced by Gordon-Levitt along with Bruce Eric Kaplan, Ravi Nandan and Inman Young.

Pamela Harvey-White serves as producer.

Watch “Mr. Corman” on Apple TV+ beginning August 6.

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