Reasons why MagSafe is awesome: Hands-on with some pretty cool accessories

If you thought Apple’s MagSafe feature was a fad, think again because there’s a world of pretty innovative, cool accessories out there for your iPhone that you may be missing out on.

Reasons MagSafe is awesome

MagSafe is a proprietary Apple standard for wireless power transfer and accessory attachment that uses magnetic connections to securely snap into place with a satisfying click.

magsafe attached to back of iPhone

MagSafe made its first appearance on the iPhone with the iPhone 12 introduction in 2020. All of the iPhone 12 models feature MagSafe, enabling compatible MagSafe accessories such as battery packs, cases, chargers and more to attach magnetically onto the handset’s back.

Cool MagSafe accessories: Hands-on video walkthrough

So if you’re in the market for some nice MagSafe accessories but haven’t yet decided which ones could be right for you, be sure to watch this hands-on video walkthrough of some pretty innovative MagSafe accessories for your iPhone, put together by our own Harris Craycraft.

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Are you sold on MagSafe yet?

Eagle-eyed readers could point out that MagSafe isn’t a brand-new Apple feature.

True, the company first used the MagSafe name to market a similar feature on its notebooks a few years back. MagSafe on MacBooks was used to secure the power connector.

It seamlessly snapped into place, helping prevent damaging your notebook if you accidentally tripped over the power cord—MagSafe would break cleanly away from the notebook, saving your precious laptop from flying across the room.

Featured MagSafe battery packs you can buy now

Apple in 2019 released its final Mac notebook to use MagSafe. Although the MagSafe power connection has since been officially discontinued, Apple is heavily rumored to revive MagSafe magnetic charging on upcoming notebooks.