Apple could launch lighter, stronger titanium phones starting with iPhone 14 Pro Max in 2022

Apple’s been predicted to launch a pro-branded titanium iPhone 14 in 2022 sporting a lighter, stronger titanium alloy frame than the current stainless steel frames used for the pro models.


  • JP Morgan Chase has predicted a titanium iPhone 14 for 2022
  • At least one pro-branded iPhone 14 model may use the material
  • The premium alloy should result in a lighter, stronger iPhone

Closeup PR image of the rear of an iPhone 7 in jet black finish, used to illustrate the report about titanium iPhone 14

Titanium iPhone 14 could be limited to the Pro Max model

One of the defining iPhone 14 features is thought to include the use of a premium titanium alloy material for the device frame, potentially resulting in a stronger, more polished handset.

A new investor report by JP Morgan Chase, seen by iPhoneWired, says fans should expect Apple’s first titanium-clad phone frame to adore at least one of the pro-branded iPhone 14 models scheduled to launch in the fall of 2022, without specifying which model could get it.

The note says Apple will continue using premium features as a way of leveraging its pro-branded handsets from the rest of the lineup. For the iPhone 14 refresh coming in the fall of 2022, JP Morgan Chase predicts that Apple will equip at least one of the pro-branded handsets with a frame that’s made of a titanium alloy.

Exclusively supplied by Foxconn, these rumored iPhone frames are said to combine titanium, aluminum, vanadium, nickel and chromium to create a 3-4 times stronger material than stainless steel. The rest of the iPhone 14 lineup, reads the note, shall continue using the stainless steel and aluminum frames similar to the current models.

  • iPhone 14: Aluminum frame
  • iPhone 14 Pro: Stainless steel frame
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: Titanium frame

The investment report confirms prior reporting which described noteworthy hardware improvements and specification bumps for the 2022 iPhone lineup, like no notch, 120Hz displays, significant camera upgrades and more, whilst corroborating rumors that Apple will remove the ill-fated mini model from next year’s lineup.

Apple’s love affair with titanium

If Apple’s patent filings are anything to go by, the company may provide would-be shoppers with the choice between matte and gloss titanium finishes.

The Cupertino giant had experimented with titanium alloys in the past.

Back in the 1990s, for example, we got the titanium-clad PowerBook G4 notebooks. The company currently uses titanium alloys for the Apple Watch Series 6 Edition models and the physical Apple Card. That being said, however, creating an iPhone with a titanium frame would definitely be a first for the company.