AirPlay 2 and HomeKit compatibility added to some 2020 Toshiba and Insignia smart TVs

AirPlay 2 support and the HomeKit feature have expanded to certain smart TV sets from Toshiba and Insignia manufactured in 2020, including Insignia’s 4K-enabled Smart Fire TV.


  • AirPlay 2 and HomeKit added to some Toshiba and Insignia 2020 models
  • The addition lets compatible TVs provide AirPlay and HomeKit functionality
  • The features are also available on smart TVs from other makers

An image showing a HomeKit security camera feed displayed on Apple TV with tvOS 15, with smart lighting controls visible in screen corners

AirPlay 2 and HomeKit added to some Toshiba and Insignia TVs

As per an announcement on Amazon’s official Fire TV blog, Apple’s AirPlay 2 and HomeKit features are now available on some Toshiba and Insignia 4K Smart Fire TVs made in 2020:

  • Toshiba 4K UHD Smart Fire TV with Dolby Vision (2020 model)
  • Insignia 4K UHD Smart Fire TV (2020 model)

Firmware updates for these TVs are now rolling out.

On supported Fire TVs, HomeKit allows customers to easily and securely control their TV using Siri or the Home app on iPhone, iPad, or Mac. This includes turning your TV on or off, changing its volume or switching your TV’s input to another device.

To register one of these TVs as a ‌HomeKit‌ hub, go to the settings menu on the TV set and choose “Display and Sounds”, then select the options to set up ‌HomeKit‌.

AirPlay is enabled by default on these TVs.

Why your next TV should have AirPlay and HomeKit

AirPlay 2 is Apple’s device-to-device streaming technology that supports multi-room audio, 4K Dolby Vision streaming in 60 frames per second and more. With HomeKit, your TV becomes a hub for smart home devices that work with HomeKit. Although your Apple TV or iPad can double as a HomeKit hub, having the feature built into your tube is even better.

How to create scenes with HomeKit to control multiple accessories

The main benefit of having support for AirPlay 2 and HomeKit integrated into a smart TV is not having to use an Apple TV or iPad as a hub for remote control of your smart home appliances.