iPhone 12 lineup surpasses 100 million in sales just seven months after launch

The iPhone 12 lineup offers four different devices to choose from. And it turns out the current generation of smartphones with Apple’s logo on the back has proven pretty popular with the people. According to new research, the iPhone 12 has reached a noteworthy landmark.

According to a report from Counterpoint Research, the iPhone 12 lineup earned Apple another super-cycle in iPhone sales. That actually hasn’t happened since the iPhone 6 launch, so it’s been a while. To reach a super-cycle landmark, the iPhone 12 lineup had to sell a lot of devices in a short period of time.

And that’s exactly what happened, according to the data. Apple’s iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max collectively reached over 100 million sales since its launch late last year. Which means, just seven months later, Apple has sold a lot of the iPhone 12.

A gold iPhone 12 Pro Max laid face down on a wooden table

The research shows that Apple’s iPhone 12 family of smartphones actually crossed the milestone back in April of this year. Not only does this almost match the iPhone 6’s launch, but it actually beats the iPhone 11 lineup’s 100 million units sold mark by a full two months.

Counterpoint Research says the drive for the iPhone 12 sales comes from two factors: 5G connectivity is one of them (which is interesting, especially in the United States where 5G availability is still in its infancy), while the other is the OLED display being available across the entire lineup. The original report says that when it came to the iPhone 6’s sales surge, that came down to mostly customers wanting an iPhone with a bigger display.

There’s more, though, as customer preferences changed between the iPhone 11 series launch and the iPhone 12 lineup’s arrival:

There has also been a shift in model preferences between the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 series. Consumers preferred the highest version of the iPhone 12 series during the first seven months after the series’ launch. The share of the Pro Max version in the iPhone 12 series sales was 29%, compared to the 25% for the same model of the iPhone 11 series. This is also one of the reasons for the iPhone 12 series grossing 22% more revenue than the iPhone 11 series in the first seven months of its launch.

The global pandemic impacted the iPhone 11 more than it did the iPhone 12, according to the research. A lot of people were holding onto their phones throughout 2020, but, as things improved slightly towards the end of the year and iPhone 12 availability broadened, people began upgrading.

How about you? Did you upgrade your older iPhone specifically for the iPhone 12? And, if so, what features in Apple’s latest smartphone convinced you to upgrade now?