HomePod mini is now available in Austria and Ireland, hitting New Zealand later in June

Availability of Apple’s HomePod speaker has increased with new launches in Austria and Ireland, with the Siri-powered smart speaker scheduled to arrive in New Zealand later in June.


  • Apple’s HomePod mini launches in Austria and Ireland.
  • The Siri speaker is coming to New Zealand soon.
  • The product debuted in ten countries.

Apple's promotional graphics depicting a hand holding an iPhone 2 near a HomePod mini smart speaker

HomePod mini availability expands

The HomePod mini is now available in Austria and Ireland, with availability expanding later this month to New Zealand. The HomePod mini pricing in these countries is as follows:

The HomePod mini was originally launched on November 16, 2020, in ten countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Spain, the UK and the US. Later that year, however, Apple’s smart speaker made landfall in China, Mexico and Taiwan.

Apple’s smart speaker adventures

Apple introduced the HomePod mini on October 13, 2020, as a replacement for the full-size HomePod which has been discontinued due to poor sales and high tag. The original HomePod went on sale in January 2018 with very limited availability and a price tag of $349.

Apple in April 2019 slashed the HomePod down to $299 before discontinuing the product altogether on March 12, 2021, in favor of the smaller HomePod mini. Priced at just $99, the HomePod mini is obviously much more affordable than the original model.

However, the original HomePod may still be available in your local online Apple store.

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For what it’s worth, Apple has said that the original HomePod will continue to be available while supplies last via its online and brick-and-mortar stores as well as authorized resellers.