Apple Card is currently experiencing an outage [Update: finally resolved]

Routine maintenance can make some sites, and services, unavailable for a set period of time. The same can be said for an outage. Unfortunately, it’s the latter situation currently impacting Apple Card owners.

Update (06/02/2021)Hours after the outage was first reported, Apple has finally fixed the issue. For Apple Card owners, they should now be able to manage their cards, including making payments.

The original article continues below.

Apple has confirmed on its official system status page that the Apple Card is currently experiencing a major outage. According to the company’s site, the outage began at 6:17 AM local time. At the time of publication it is still an ongoing issue.

In most instances, these services are hit with an issue that’s only impacting some users at the time. However, with a major outage it impacts all users. That is the case now with the Apple Card. And that means customers won’t be able to access key elements of the credit card, including recent transactions, or manage their credit card at all.

And that includes making payments.

Per Apple’s system status page:

Users may not be able to manage their Apple Card, make payments, and may not see recent transactions.

There’s no word on when Apple might get the outage for Apple Card fixed. However, as soon as the system status page reflects a resolved situation, we will update this post accordingly.