On the latest Downtime podcast: Site redesign, Apple TV remote, Chipolo ONE Spot, and more

After introducing iDB’s new site design, Sebastien reviews the new Apple TV remote, and AirTag’s one and only alternative, the Chipolo ONE Spot. Finally Sebastien plugs one of his apps and answers a few questions from listeners.  

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Site redesign

New Apple TV

Chipolo ONE Spot review: how it compares to Apple’s AirTag

App of the week: Contact Groups

What we’ve been drinking: Fitty Fitty


Diogo asks on Twitter: Seb did you ever mention on the show why the “moving” between France and US? I don’t recall that, but if it’s something too personal, I understand.

Steve asks on Twitter: Would love to hear how you got into doing IDB sometime on the podcast

Jonathan asks on Twitter: Do you guys think Apple is delaying on a notch-less iPhone because it may slow down upgrades once they release it because a notch-less iPhone would almost be a perfect iPhone for some to stay at for a while.

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