Fantastical makers add business card scanning to Cardhop, unveil Flexibits subscriptions

Flexbits, the brains behind the award-winning Fantastical calendar app for iOS and macOS, just rolled out Cardhop 2.0 for the iPhone, iPad and Mac while announcing new subscriptions.


  • Cardhop 2.0 gains relationships, business card scanning and more.
  • Cardhop is included in your Flexibits subscription.
  • Flexibits now offers two subscription tiers.

Cardhop 2.0 picks up business card scanning

Cardhop takes your experience to the next level with a Fantastical-like parsing engine which makes it a cinch to search, add, edit and interact with your contacts with simple sentences.

Fantastical for Mac gets a Big Sur redesign with widgets and more

Cardhop 2.0 adds a highly requested feature that Apple in all its wisdom has failed to bring to the stock Contacts app: Business card scanning. Simply snap up a business card using your iPhone or iPad’s camera and Cardhop will automatically create a new contact.

Moreover, an image of the business card is automatically attached to the contact. This makes it easy to see the original business card whenever you like, and it’s especially great that Cardhop automatically highlights all the fields on the scan that computer vision has recognized.

You can also manually attach any image you like to a contact entry. For instance, you may attach one or images to an important contact for future reference.

Viewing people relationships with Cardhop

A new Relationships feature allows you to view family trees and org chart relationships between co-workers. The feature is sorely missing from Apple’s built-in Contacts app despite the fact that the stock Contacs app allows you to easily create relationships between people quite easily. For those wondering, the Siri assistant uses this information to decipher seemingly simple queries such as “Text my wife saying I’m gonna be late.”

Cardhop takes advantage of any underlying relationship information in your contacts to allow you to view family trees and org chart relationships on Google and Office 365 accounts.

If you have Fantastical installed, you’re in luck because Cardhop now supports an “Invite with Fantastical” action. As the name suggests, this allows you to invite people or even whole contact groups to a new event with the Fantastical app, if installed. Fantastical then takes over and does all the magic, sending event invites to the selected people individually.

Cardhop also implements support for Home screen widgets in iOS and iPadOS 14

Cardhop’s widgets are very customizable—You can create these in multiple sizes, for any contact. For instance, you may create a Cardhop widget to view an important contact. Another widget could be set to quickly perform an action, like calling or emailing the person.

Introducing Flexibits subscriptions

Flexibits now provides two subscription tiers, free and premium.

With Fantastical Premium, you gain access to the full set of features across devices of both Cardhop and Flexibits. So, for a single subscription fee, you get access to two apps.

What’s more, if you already have a Fantastical subscription you will now gain access to Cardhop at no additional charge. In other words, Flexibits Premium brings all of the premium features of Cardhop and Fantastical without requiring multiple subscriptions like before.

Here are all the subscription options that Flexibits offers:

  • Flexibits Premium: $4.99/month or $3.33/month when billed annually (you get 4 months for free). A 14-day free trial and a family plan for up to five users are available.
  • Flexibits Premium for Families: All the features of Flexibits Premium for up to five family members for $7.99/month or $64.99/year (works out to $5.42/month). A single subscription unlocks all Cardhop and Fantastical features across iOS, iPadOS, macOS and watchOS.

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Pricing and availability

The new Cardhop is available free with limited features across iOS, iPadOS and macOS.

With a paid Flexibits Premium, you’ll unlock all of the features in Cardhop and Fantastical on all devices. Folks who have a Fantastical Premium subscription will be automatically converted to a Flexibits Premium subscription and get all of Cardhop’s premium features at no extra charge.

Cardhop requires macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 or later, iOS 14 or later and iPadOS 14 or later.