The best external camera lenses for the iPhone 12 lineup

One of the most important features for the iPhone lineup is the camera systems. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some external camera lenses out there still worth using.

Which is why we’ve put together a list of the best external camera lenses out there for the iPhone 12 lineup. So if you’re in the market for adding a little spice to your iPhone photography game, this might be the way to do that.

Let’s dig right in.

The best iPhone 12 external camera lenses

Moment Wide Lens

When it comes to external camera lenses, Moment has become one of the go-to companies out there. With this option, you’ll get an excellent wide angle camera lens. This one’s 18mm, which Moment says is perfectly for landscape photographers, realtors, group photos, and much more.

Moment throws in a lens cap and a microfiber bag with the purchase of the lens itself. And this is not a fisheye lens, so there won’t be any distortion to the photos or videos you capture with the external lens attached. It works perfectly with Moment’s other accessories as well, including the company’s M-series lens mounts and the Moment Case.

Moment offers 100% customers satisfaction, a lifetime guarantee on the external lens, and free shipping and returns.

The 18mm wide angle lens offers edge-to-edge clarity, 2X more picture, and the external lens is made from aerospace-grade metals. It has a .63X magnification ratio, with a total focal distance of 0.75″.

The Moment Wide Lens is available now from Amazon.

Buy Moment Wide Lens for $129.99

Criacr 3-in-1 Lens Kit

The external camera lens option from Criacr offers a three-in-one kit. You’ll get different options, including a 0.28X fisheye lens with an 180-degree field-of-view, 15X macro lens, and 0.6X wide angle lens. The company says it has made general improvements across the board with the design, which means there won’t be any micro distortions, no vignetting, and it will offer up an overall higher lens clarity.

They are all separate, so you can switch as you like, and you won’t need to attach any of the lenses to any other to use them. Criacr includes a portable storage tube and a lanyard.

It’s an especially good deal since it offers up three lenses in one package.

Criacr’s external camera lenses are available now from Amazon.

Buy Criacr three-in-one camera lenses for $18.99

Moment Blue Flare Anamorphic

Another option from the Moment lineup. It will still come with the microfiber bag, the lens cap, and the lens itself. And, as you’d expect, it supports Moment’s M-series mounts and the Moment Case. This lens is designed almost specifically for filmmakers out there.

The Blue Flare Anamorphic lens is designed to capture striking blue lens flares. And it will capture 2.40:1 aspect ratio. The lens is covered with a two-year warranty. Capturing a video with the lens will give it a feature film-like feel, ideal for widescreen viewing.

If you aren’t a filmmaker, the anamorphic lens is still a great option, even for photographs. With its wide field of view it can help take great photos of landscapes and portraits, and can use an oval bokeh effect, too.

The blue flare anamorphic lens from Moment is available now from Amazon.

Buy Moment Blue Flare Anamorphic Lens for $149.99