Apple Watch may add the ability to measure blood alcohol, blood glucose, and blood pressure

The Apple Watch is a powerful tool already, especially when it comes to health and fitness. And telling the time! But there’s still more Apple would probably like to add, and the company is probably working towards that reality right now.

The Telegraph gave us a pretty big hint of that potential future with a report over the weekend (via MacRumors). The publication discovered that Apple is one of the biggest customers of a company called Rockley Photonics, which is based out of the United Kingdom. That company has developed non-invasive optical sensors for detecting various blood-related health metrics.

As you have probably already assumed, that means if this partnership and Apple’s development process works out, the Apple Watch could pick up several new monitoring options in the near future. That would include blood glucose, blood alcohol, and blood pressure.

These sensors work as you’d expect, beaming the light through the user’s skin. That’s how the various existing sensors work on the bottom part of the Apple Watch already, so these additions would be right in line with what the smartwatch already offers.

It turns out that Rockley Photonics is planning to go public in New York soon. As a result, it revealed that Apple is its biggest customer, accounting for the majority of its revenue over the last two years. What’s more, the company says it has an existing “supply and development” agreement in place with Apple as it moves ahead with going public.

While nothing is confirmed at this point, it does seem like a pretty big sign that another major new addition is coming soon to the Apple Watch. Are you looking forward to these rumored new features?