Delta teams up with AT&T to hand out iPhone 12 to thousands of flight attendants

The iPhone 12 is a helpful tool to plenty out there in the world, and now it’s going to help thousands of Delta Air Lines flight attendants, too.

Announced today by AT&T, Delta Air Lines is working with the wireless carrier to hand out iPhone 12 models to over 19,000 flight attendants. The announcement leans into the 5G wireless service as well, saying that Delta will be the airline that leads the “commercial airline industry into the 5G era”. At the same time, the adoption of iPhone 12 as a tool for flight attendants will “enhance the travel experience for all passengers”, according to Delta.

The iPhone 12 will allow for the flight attendants to use a variety of tools for on-the-job needs. That includes augmented reality, which will allow attendants to quickly assess in-flight inventory in real-time. AR will also be used for a more immersive training experience as well. Delta says it will work with AT&T and Apple to figure out other use cases where the iPhone 12 can be helpful while on a flight.

Hold iPhone 12 Camera Landscape - Pixabay

Delta and Apple have worked together in the past, so today’s announcement isn’t completely unheard of.

Per today’s announcement:

2021 is a crucial year as pandemic-driven travel behaviors continue to change. This new infusion of technology and connectivity from AT&T and Apple will help Delta and its flight attendants better adapt to whatever the future of travel holds.

The powerful capabilities in performance, durability and connectivity on iPhone 12 combined with the high-speed, low-latency connectivity of the AT&T 5G network opens entirely new possibilities on the ground and in the air.

The rollout should start soon.