New wallpapers inspired by the ‘Spring Loaded’ Apple event products

Today, Apple announced new iPad Pro, iMac, Apple TV, and AirTag hardware. Most striking is the all new, completely redesigned iMac line up, which has not been significantly updated since around 2009. The decade old design gives way to an 11mm thin chassis, poised on top of a minimal stand. The “hello” wallpaper used to announce the device harkens back to when Steve Jobs launched the Lisa. Download this collection of Apple ‘Spring Loaded’ hardware inspired wallpapers.

Apple ‘Spring Loaded’ hardware wallpaper

Each time Apple launches a new product, they always use incredible new wallpapers. Unfortunately, the advertising wallpapers never seem to make it to the devices themselves. This leaves our creative wallpaper community to make reproductions of those images, inspired wallpapers, or just extractions from the Apple site that are cleaned up and released.

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The first three images are by graphic designer @AR72014. His creations are regularly featured on our iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week gallery. The first two, are re-imagined iPhone 12 advertising wallpapers, but this time, celebrating the brand new, bold purple color way, which is launching this Friday. The following image is a recreation of the “hello” wallpaper used to advertise the new iMac.

iPhone 12 Purple wallpaper (Lioght) @AR72014 idownloadblog.PNG

Purple iPhone 12 inspired iOS 14 iPhone wallpaper for download (light)

iPhone 12 Purple wallpaper (Dark) @AR72014 idownloadblog

Dark purple iPhone 12 inspired wallpaper download for iPhone

2021 iMac advertising hello wallpaper AR72014 idownloadblog spring loaded event iPhone

New 2021 iMac announcement wallpaper “hello” image for iPhone

“hello” new iMac 2021 announcement wallpaper for iPad

Desktop (5120 x 2880) new iMac 2021 announcement wallpaper

The following two images are reconstructed versions from the Apple website, with increased resolution and sharpened for clarity, by @FlareZephyr. Both are large reconstructions that are great for even the 12.9″ iPad Pro models.

iPadPro_M1_ReconstructedPattern_@FlareZephyr idownloadblog spring loaded event wallpaper

iPad Pro 2021 M1 version advertising wallpaper download

2021 M1 iPad Pro advertising wallpaper download version 2

Which new releases are you most excited about? Let me know or follow along for even more incredible wallpaper downloads @jim_gresham, where I curate the iDB wallpaper collection. I am currently trying to decide between the new 12.9″ iPad Pro or a brand new iMac. Follow along for general banter as the pre-order date of April 30 quickly approaches.