It turns out not every single Voice Remote Pro from Roku will feature an Apple TV+ button

Earlier this week, Roku officially announced new things. That includes the Voice Remote Pro, a brand new remote that features an Apple TV+ button.

That’s some prime real estate for Apple moving forward. Especially when paired with the new Express 4K+ streaming box, which supports AirPlay 2 as well. In any event, it turns out that the new remote’s Apple TV+ button is the result of a last-minute deal between Roku and Apple (one that’s not cheap), which means it’s not actually going to be on every single remote.

Zatz Not Funny! recently got their hands on the new Voice Remote Pro from Roku, and quickly discovered that the dedicated buttons on the front don’t actually have an Apple TV+ option. Instead, there’s still the Sling logo alongside Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+.

A photograph showing Roku's Voice Remote Pro remote control and Express 4K media player

From the report:

As such, our very own Adam Miarka just received his brand-spanking new Roku Voice Remote Pro (pictured above) without the Apple TV+ button that drove folks wild earlier this week and had led Adam (noted Apple fanboy) to make a purchase. Fortunately for him, Roku’s higher end remotes do include a pair of programmable personal shortcut buttons – so he can rectify the limitation, but without the logo he so desires, should he choose the keep the hardware.

ZNF says this is the same upgraded remote that Roku sent out to select customers earlier this year. But, it’s the fact that Apple and Roku secured their deal “very, very recently” according to Chris Welch on Twitter, that sees the company “transitioning” to include the Apple TV+ button:

So, not every single Voice Remote Pro is going to have the Apple TV+ button on it. It’s even possible that you may get one that doesn’t. So it may be the best possible thing to wait, at least a little while, before putting in your order for the $30 remote.