Abstract gradient wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and desktop

I love a great, simple, minimal gradient wallpaper. With the busy icon and widget-flooded Home screens on iOS 14, plain backgrounds are my preferred method of still spicing up and customizing my iPhone. These soft cotton candy flavored “Here Comes the Sun Wallpapers” are a fresh, springtime set of walls. With options from iPhone to 8K, you will find a perfect option for your weekly wallpaper refresh thanks to the iDB Wallpapers of the Week gallery.

Abstract gradient wallpapers

The following wallpapers are exclusive downloads provided by @mattbirchler to iDB. We are excited to bring these images to you. This is a small sample of much larger “Here Comes the Sun Wallpapers” download pack. If you like these previews, checkout Matt’s full collection. You can also see more creative work by Matt, who is a designer by trade, via the BirchTree blog or his A Better Computer YouTube channel.

Matt’s collection scales from iPhone to 8k monitors and we have samples of each. The iPhone downloads are large enough for an iPhone 12 Pro Max and the desktop downloads are 7680 x 4320 @288ppi. Consequently, you can rock them on a crispy 8k desktop or easily set them on your iPad or iPhone devices.

Additional gradient wallpapers worth checking out:

My personal thanks to Matt for offering use these exclusive sneak peak downloads as a way to support the iDB wallpaper community!

abstract gradient wallpaper iPhone mattbirchler idownloadblog waves

Abstract waves with gradient colors blue, purple, pink, yellow iPhone wallpaper

abstract gradient wallpaper iPhone mattbirchler idownloadblog light purple

Sea foam green to purple iPhone gradient wallpaper

Purple blue gradient iPhone wallpaper

Here Comes the Sun Wallpaper preview in waves of yellow and blue

Purple to blue to green gradient desktop wallpaper

Like Matt, if you have a stack of amazing wallpapers, simply reach out to me via @jim_gresham, where I curate the iDB wallpaper gallery. You don’t need to be the original artist, I’ll take tips and links to other resources as well! Follow along for midweek downloads, sneak peaks of upcoming posts, and general Apple banter.